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What’s a Fitting Event?

A Belle Forme Fitting Event is an opportunity for new and existing customers to get expertly fit by one of our Expert Fitters. Our Expert Fitters will:

  1. Ask you a few questions regarding your preferences
  2. Answer any questions and /or concerns you may have
  3. Assess your Body Type 
  4. Help you more clearly define your Breast Beauty goals

Based on that information you will be matched with a few recommended Bras that best fit your Body Type and determined by our Expert Fitter as best fit to meet your goals.

Our Expert Fitter will show you how to:

  1. Understand why a specific Bra or Bras are best fit for your Body Type
  2. Select the correct sizing based on the Best Fit Bra for your Body Type
  3. Wear your Bra correctly every time 
  4. Adjust your Bra correctly every time 
How Often Should I Get Expertly Fitted and Why?

Our Expert Fitter recommends that you get Fitted every 3 months for best results, and progress.

Our body and breasts are constantly changing due to visible and not so visible reasons. It is important to constantly check the fit of your bras, as well as the progress towards your goals in the case of using Shaping Bras.

Also keep in mind that your Bras are also changing shape due to wear and use. Our Expert Fitters will check your Bras’ fit, and do the necessary adjustments for your Perfect Fit.

After over 15 years experience being Expert Fitters, we realized that many of our customers simply forget how to correctly wear their bras having been shown only once.

Keep in mind that even if you have the correct bra for your Body Type, wearing it incorrectly will not give you the results that you are seeking.

Attending the Fitting Event or getting Expertly Fitted at our store is a great opportunity for you to ensure that you are on the right track in achieving your Breast Beauty goals.